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Cherry-Cocoa-Fig Smoothie

Cherry-Cocoa-Fig Smoothie

I recently reintroduced figs into my life as an adult and wow what a contrast compared to when I was a kid. My only experience with figs before were fig newtons back in the day and I wasn't really sure how I felt about them. My Nana used to give them to me and tell me they were cookies. I had no idea figs were a fruit until recently. My fave ways to enjoy figs so far is in my smoothies and on toast. Figs add the perfect hint of sweetness (when ripe) and give smoothies a creamy like texture. My go to is a Cherry Cocoa Fig smoothie that tastes much like a milk shake.




1/2C frozen cherries

3 small ripe figs

handful of spinach

1TBS cocoa powder

1TSP cinnamon

1TBS coconut cream

1 scoop About Time vanilla protein powder

3/4C almond milk OR milk of choice


Blend ingredients well in high powered blender. Pour in a bowl or glass, top with cacao nibs and sliced fig to garnish.

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