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On race week, we taper. The NYC Tri is this Sunday--can you believe it?! And taper....what the heck is that? Taper means to reduce exercise before a race--it is believed to be essential for best performance.

Let me tell you taper is hard! Workouts this week are short, 30 min max with minimal bursts of explosiveness and I get 2 rest days, 2! Resting is hard for a highly active person and it also gives you a lot of time to think. Thoughts of the training I wish I'd done and the areas that I had hoped to be stronger in at this point keep creeping in. Sure I can go out there and swim a mile or bike 30 but that would do me no good at this point. Sadly, you can't increase your level of fitness in 7 days so taper, taper, taper it is.


The anxiety is building. Those crazy race thoughts and scenarios continue to cross my mind. I keep thinking about the hills that I just learned about that I didn't really train for, the way people cringe when I tell them I will be swimming in the Hudson River, hyperventilating mid swim and not being able to finish, the strong current that may be incredibly difficult to swim against or the strong current that I may be swimming with that will help me get my best swim time yet (I won't know until race day), clipping into my bike and falling, over sleeping on race day, the list goes on. I'm still having those moments of "Lauren, maybe you are in over your head" and it freaks me out for a few seconds because I actually start to believe it. But when those moments creep in, I remind myself that I have spent a lot of time being uncomfortable for the last few months. Uncomfortable in the sense that I have pushed through those hard runs, swam 900m in incredibly choppy water, the anxiety I would get before jumping into the Potomac River for open water swims, the numerous bike falls I've had learning to clip in, those brick workouts I crushed with lead heavy legs, saying no to nights out or weekend getaways all so I could stick to the plan and train. All that said, the anxiety isn't too high to the point where I am not excited because I really am excited! I've been training for this race full throttle since March and have given it my all. I really have made a lot of progress since my first triathlon in October which was only 9 months ago.

And let's be honest, what better place to race in than the jungle that is New York?! Swimming down the Hudson, biking down West Side Highway, running through Central Park. This will be an experience that I keep with me forever. I'm ready.


If you want to track my progress during the race on Sunday, July 24th, click on the link here. My athlete race number is 1876. The race begins at 5:45am EST.

I've been using #SeeYouInTheHudson for the last few months now on Instagram throughout training but this time I mean it.

See you in the Hudson.

With delight,


Race File: NYC Tri

Race File: NYC Tri