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Tri Talk Tuesday: Triathlon Resources

Tri Talk Tuesday: Triathlon Resources

Triathlons can seem intimidating but there are so many resources out there that will help you train and find confidence for race day. Check out my list of triathlon resources.


Triathlete Magazine

I started my subscription in Jan of this year and I really look forward to it every month! Much of the content is relatable and the articles are great reads. They talk about everything from training as a parent and how to make time for training, tips for making your relationship work while training, buying tri gear for every budget, swim technique articles, nutritious recipes and they even provide training guides for all levels. I really enjoy reading the articles by Swim Bike Mom. She has a monthly column where she writes about real struggles as an athlete and how she balances training while being a wife and mother of two. Unlike most magazines, I've been keeping all of these issues because I find myself referencing them when something comes up in my training.


Triathlon for Women by Sally Edwards


An essential read that guides you through every aspect of triathlon. This book has everything from female pioneers, inspiration, training/gear/nutrition guides, improving technique and best of all keeping training fun with a variety of workouts.

Whole Food Energy by Elise Museles 

This recipe book has over 200 all natural recipes to help you prepare, refuel and recover. The book is a beauty to look at, educates you on what whole foods are and their benefits and includes a color key guide that categorizes recipes into groups: energize, sustain or replenish. My fave recipes so far are the apple spiced muffins, healing turmeric latte and DIY lemon-aide.

Local Tri Clubs


Do a search for tri clubs in your area! This is a great way to meet triathletes of all levels in your local community that share the same tri interest. Tri clubs provide great training programs not only during the season but also during off season. They offer so many great tri resources and this is the perfect way to meet some new training buddies. Most clubs are low to no cost at all.

Share Your Hobby/Passion with Others

Ever notice when you find a new hobby or passion, you share it in conversation? Doesn't matter if it's someone you know or someone new you meet but at some point it comes up. I can't tell you how many people I've met where I mention I'm training for a tri or saying something tri related and either the person shares the same interest or they know someone that does and would like to connect you with them. Recently I was at Sephora sitting next to a gal who was getting her makeup done. As we were getting pampered, we got to chatting and it turns out she is an Iron Man! She shared some great training tips with me and we exchanged info. I ended up doing this 12 hour treadmill run she hosted recently to help raise funds for a charity that promotes health and wellness for veterans. I know we'll be riding together soon, right Julie?!

The bike I am currently using for training was offered to me by someone I met through work. We met at an event and did business together and from there became friends. Rachel is a health coach and founder of Luminous and Grounded. We went to lunch one day and biking came into the conversation and turns out she has a gently used bike and offered me to use it for training. 

Share your hobbies and passion with others. You never know what will come of it. You may even inspire them to try something new!

Indoor Triathlon

My first experience with triathlon was an indoor triathlon at Life Time Fitness. It is a non-intimidating way to explore the triathlon world. A 10 min swim, 30 min bike, and 20 min run gets you a triathlete title! All 3 sports are done inside the gym and you do what you can during that time frame. I loved my first indoor tri experience and that opened the triathlete gates for me. I still participate in these indoor tris when I can--they are great for training. Search for your nearest Life Time Fitness and sign up for the Spring indoor tri coming up in April!

I hope some, if not all of these resources help you with your tri training!

Share your triathlon resources below.

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