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Tri Talk Tuesday: Where I find Trispiration

Tri Talk Tuesday: Where I find Trispiration

In a perfect world I would be motivated to train 6 days a week, sometimes 2 hours a day like a machine, have all the time in the world to get in my workouts and beast through them like I'm an Olympic athlete. But well, that is just not real life. Most days I have the fire to train and conquer the training plan of the day but there are days where I just don't wanna. Excuses like: ugh, work was draining, but my hair is clean today, but my fave sports bra is dirty, I have to do this, or I have to that, whatever, whatever the list can go on and on. On those days that I need inspiration I turn to these websites and accounts to give me that push I need to suck it up and go conquer.



Stephanie is a Mom, yogi and endurance athlete who recently fell in love with the tri sport. I found her on Instagram and was so drawn to her beautiful pictures first and foremost but quickly fell in love with the captions that followed each photo. Her words are poetic and I am so happy she decided to start blogging again--it's much easier to read her carefully thought out posts on a website then on the gram.

Why I love it? The woman is relatable. Not only does she motivate the heck out of me to #DreamReallyFreakingBig (that's her hashtag) but she is vulnerable and to me that is brave. How she can manage to train for an IronMan and still find the beauty in it all while being a single mom? Now that is commendable. I'm pretty sure she wears a cape under all those cute Betty Designs kits.

Robin Arzon

Robin is a former corporate lawyer turned street athlete. She is a lioness who runs ultra marathons, a Peloton cycle coach who paints in sweat and is also a type 1 diabetic. I would also like to note the 2 times she liked the Instagram posts I tagged her in and totally fan girled out. Can't wait to take one of her live rides in the only existing Peloton studio in NY this summer. It will actually be the weekend of the NYC Triathlon!

Why I love it? She brings it with her unique style and an unwavering confidence that does not go unnoticed. She uses obstacles as fuel to continue to plow through and do epic shit. Her mission to redefine possibility through movement is powerful. One ride with her on the Peloton app and you'll get it--she's spicy and drops a lot of F-bombs...you have been warned.

Women For Tri


Women for Tri's mission is to increase female participation at all levels of triathlon. This closed Facebook group at over 13K members, is a forum to discuss all things women, triathlon and training.

Why I love it? You will find women in so many different places in their lives coming together to support one another and help you navigate the sport. You can ask anything from gear questions, posting your daily workout to stay accountable, sharing your frustrations about a bad workout to celebrating your triathlon finish--there are so many women rooting for you in this space and make you feel welcome regardless of how much experience you have.

Running on Veggies


I discovered Lottie's blog through Women's Running Mag as a recipe contributer. I am obsessed with this recipe and make it religiously. She is an endurance runner, plant-based recipe creator, health coach and is currently training for her first IronMan. Oh and she also traveled to Napa to make food for Kara Goucher's Podium retreat--seriously, too awesome.

Why I love it? First off her recipes! Take a scroll through her Instagram and you will instantly have this long list of ingredients you need to get in the kitchen and make all the recipes you jotted down. The Workout Wednesday series is so great--she features a new athlete every week and they are all so fascinating. They either walk you through a full day of training or talk about their story.

There are days where I turn to others and get the fuel I need to light the inner flame. But there are also days where I look within and remind my self of how far I've come. Benchmark against yourself. Take note of the incremental changes instead of comparing yourself to others. Remember when you couldn't do a single pull up your whole life and now you can knock 8 in a row like a champ? Or when you were president of the I HATE running club and then you ran a half marathon and beat your goal time of 2 hours? How about the time you thought triathletes were crazy and there was no way you could make time to train for something like that? Ah, that's right, you did all of that. Change your own story.


I'd love to hear what inspires you. Share in the comments below.

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