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Iron Girl Half Marathon 4 week training plan

Iron Girl Half Marathon 4 week training plan


Remember my 41 day run streak post? No? Ok. Well that one time I ran 41 consecutive days I was inspired to continue my running journey and sign up for my very first half marathon before 2015 was up. Well, this girl signed up for the Iron Girl Columbia half marathon that is to take place on September 12th! Oh and we are exactly 4 weeks out.....as of yesterday but who's counting?


Have I ran since my run streak ended on July 4th? Yes but I can count on my hands how many runs I've completed. Life got busy and my running took a back seat but I kept up with strength training because it's my absolute favorite! After I came to my senses (or did I) after signing up, the realization of the race being so close (next month close) freaked me out. After researching 4 week half marathon training plans, I decided on this one from Women's Health.

Monday: Complete rest or cross training (45 to 60 minutes at an easy to moderate effort)

Tuesday: 3 to 4 miles easy running

Wednesday: 6 to 7 miles easy running*

Thursday: Off day or 3 to 4 miles easy running

Friday: Cross training (45 to 60 minutes at an easy to moderate effort)

Saturday: 3 to 4 miles easy running**

Sunday: Long run! (Starting at 7 to 8 miles, increasing by one mile each week, up to 10 to 11 miles the Sunday before the race)

*5 to 6 miles during week one, and 3 to 4 during week four. Andrew suggested dropping this if I was feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the mileage.

**2 miles easy running during week four (aka the day before the race).

I like the simplicity of this training plan and how easily I can incorporate this into my daily schedule. Yesterday was my first day of training. That was my first long run in a while and I felt pretty good about my pace. My focus for this race will be more about pacing than racing-- goal is to finish the race in just under 2 hours, that is roughly a 9:15 pace per mile. I usually run for speed so this will be a whole new ballgame for me. Endurance, endurance, endurance....ok, ok, ok. I have to remember that one--"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon errr half marathon".

I don't think I've mentioned this but I also have my first triathlon coming up in October and have been training for that so I feel pretty good/mostly nervous about the half. It's pretty interesting that I am choosing to do a lot of "firsts" at 30 years old--better late than never, right? It feels really good to go after things that not only you never ever thought you would do but pushing your limits to get there. It requires a lot of dedication and diligence and it just feels darn good to prepare for something that needs preparing for! One thing worth noting is that both of these events are a women's series. I love how supportive and encouraging female athletes are and I'm just so excited to be in the trenches pushing myself to get to that finish line with the rest of them.

Next up is running gear! I'm ready to incorporate some more technical pieces into my workout wardrobe for this race and also I just really like shopping :)


I am in the market for new running shoes and have my eyes on the Brooks PureCadence. I typically run in Nike Frees and have had no issues but I would like to try a new brand. The PureCadence has recently been updated. Here are some new features:

  • Weight is just over 7oz
  • Balanced feel with just enough structure
  • Simplified upper
  • New tongue, wrap around collar and saddle to improve fit
  • More support and cushion than the PureConnect

Compression socks


After a lot of research and recommendations on compression socks, I decided to go with ProCompression. They seem to be the mother of compression socks. These berry bloom socks really caught my eye though I'm not sure about the pairing with the PureCadence above--kind of wild, no? I don't know maybe yes.....If anything, I'll keep it safe with these solids.

Running belt

I recently picked up a Nathan's running belt and I lurveeee it! The material is super stretch so my phone fits nicely. They are very affordable and I love the two tone color options.



I am still trying to figure out what I'm going to wear mid September. The weather has been all over the place lately, it's hard to predict what it will look like in a few weeks. I will definitely need compression bottoms! As race day draws near I'll be able to make a decision. I'm thinking pants and a tank or shorts and a long sleeve--that seems to be the right balance for me.

Sports Bra

 Moving Comfort Fit Form  

Moving Comfort Fit Form

I recently found out that Moving Comfort is one of the leaders in sports bras. They really understand the difference a bra can make and have mastered the fit and the importance of small details like velcro straps! They specialize in bras for runners. I have my eye on this one.


A kick ass playlist

Well heck, how am I to get through 13.1 miles without some killer beats man? I'm working on building a 2 hour playlist. The kind where you don't even have to skip a track because every song gets you way amped up and magically make your legs work faster. I have been using SoundCloud for some time now and have built a very long list of "likes". Recently they started removing tracks or cutting them because of legal mumbo jumbo so I am on the look out for a new service. I would prefer a free music service but I think I may end up paying a monthly subscription. Any recommendations?

Please share some of your past half marathon experience with me! Let me in on some insider tips and tricks! I would be so grateful!

With delight,





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