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Truth. I'm a 41 Day Run Streaker.

Truth. I'm a 41 Day Run Streaker.


I took on Runner's World 41 day run streak summer challenge and lived to tell about it. This is huge for me guys! Running has never come easy to me. I have always struggled with it, mentally for the most part--your mind is telling you no but your body is saying yes type of thing...wait did I just quote R. Kelly? Let's put it this way, back in my high school days aka a long time ago, I would blatantly lie about how many laps I ran in P.E. Some days I would suddenly be "sick" on run days and miss class altogether.

Prior to this run challenge I would run maybe 2 days a week and for the most part it would be high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT days are never for distance, at least not for me. They are for speed and torching fat purposes only. And of course cardio is good for heart health so you know, you should squeeze into your weekly work outs and such. 

Why I decided to take on 41 days of awesome. 

Early May I noticed a lot of Instagram grams with this "41 days of awesome" image and #RWRunStreak challenge in my feed. A few times I thought "ya. no way man, not for me". I'm all for the fitness challenges but not so much the run challenges. I continued to see these grams so I looked into it on Runner's World and read the details. The challenge began on Memorial day, 5/25 through Independence day, 7/4. The idea was to run every single day for 41 days with the minimum distance of 1 mile. Once I read the one mile part I felt like this was an attainable challenge for me so I decided to add this to my daily workouts. 

Over the course of 41 days I logged nearly 80 miles. Basically that is 3.05 marathons within that time frame but who's counting?! This girl is counting--that is a seriously big deal for me! Were there days when I was tired? Had a seriously long day? Was crazy sore from the previous day's work out? Yes, the answer is YES but I stuck with it and ran consistently. I never really had a moment where I wanted to throw in the towel either, I just made time for it every day.

About 10 days into the challenge it felt like clock work. There was even one night where I finished a run right before midnight. I had to, I wanted to finish what I started. Day in and day out I ran and then sooner than later day 41 came and went and now I can say I am a streaker....a 41 day run streaker that is. 


1. I created a healthy habit.

2. I had a personal best with my best mile being 7:35!

3. My legs feel stronger than ever. I hope to develop those runners calves one day.

4. Cardio every day feels good, like way good. 

5. Running is just like meditation. Put on the headphones, zone out and just run. It feels awesome, 

6. I ran some awesome trails here in Virginia. This was a great way for me to explore different parts of my new city. 

7. I need new running shoes. I love to shop for anything fitness related so woot woot for wearing out my sneaks! I am coveting these for my birthday--hint hint to my family that reads this. I guess this will be a true testament as to if they read my blog--haha!

8. I decided to sign up for a half marathon--SAY WHAT?! Yup. I plan to complete one before the year is up. The Iron Girl half is a top contender. 

9. Leader board stats on Fitbit.

10. Post run smoothies. Ohhh they taste extra special after a run! I also got creative with different combinations, new smoothie recipes to be shared soon!

11. I'm a runner. 


1. Treadmilll=Dreadmill. Lord almighty I spent a lot of time on the treadmill. Yes it was by choice. Numerous tan lines and skin cancer keep me inside. It got rough some days. 


2. Multiple tan lines. I am a dark skinned gal and tan very easily. Of those few days where I ran outdoors I also got really tanned and had multiple tan lines that are still present. 

3. Running outside is scary and risky. People don't pay attention when they drive and they sure as heck do not care about runners. I was extra cautious but still you never know. 

4. Holding my phone in my hand. Running for 4+ miles with a small tablet for a phone in hand is not so practical. Sure I put my phone in my waist band but that never lasts long. After a short distance your phone slides in your pants and then it just doesn't look right when you reach down your pants to grab it. I need to invest in a fanny pack. 

5. I ran out of cool pictures ideas to share to document my 41 day #RWRunStreak on Instagram. Feet and sweaty selfies got old really fast. See below. 

Would you look at that? My pros outweighed my cons. That's pretty awesome and so was 41 days of running. 

With delight, 


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