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June Fitness Challenges

June Fitness Challenges

Hello out there! I have been a little quiet the past few months but I'm back and plan to post regularly on this here blog. While my recent move from Minnesota to Virginia took me away from the blog, it certainly didn't interrupt my nutrition and fitness schedule--it's all about priorities! In fact the move and adapting to a new city and region pushed me to get creative with healthy eats and exercise. While the nutrition part was the most challenging (hello new city, new restaurants, I-want-to-try-them-all) I was able to stay on track with the fitness portion because I was well into the ConfidenceKini challenge created by Lauren Gleisberg

Fitness challenges are a great way to stay motivated and continue the path on your health journey. Though we are well into June, there are several fitness challenges that are underway and also one that kicks off today! Most of these are completely free and if there is a fee involved it is very minimal. I will include links and details below. Even though some of these programs are passed the start date, you can always jump right in at any time! There is no perfect date or time to make a change in your life, doesn't matter if it's a Monday or a Friday. Make the decision, stay consistent, have fun and reap the benefits of a healthy mind and body!

41 day Run Streak by Runners World

YES, you read that right! 41 consecutive days of running. The challenge began Memorial day and will go through July 4th. Run everyday, even if it's just one mile. Today will mark 22 days of running for me. I will tell you right now that I am not a runner and I never have been. I have always had a love-hate relationship with running. The health benefits associated with running push me to do it however my mind says otherwise. I decided to participate in this challenge to try something new and convince my mind and body that I can do this effortlessly and with joy. 19 days left means 19 days of consistent runs. That is more than enough time to do some damage on the pavement and log those miles! Lace up those shoes and G-O!

but there is a new fitness challenge kicking off today called the Sweat Series by FitFoodieFinds and Ambitious Kitchen. These ladies have designed a 6 week program of workouts and recipes 


This is a 12 week health and fitness vacation created by Lauren Gleisberg. She is trainer that designs some really great programs that are effective and fun! Her latest ConfidenceKini challenge was the only program that I have ever completed from start to finish and my body really transformed in those 6 weeks. I love this trainer's positive message on living a healthy lifestyle. While most of her challenges are complimentary, she does offer affordable fitness and healthy eating guides to walk you through the process in depth. Right now she is in week 2 of the #LGFitcation. Read more about the 12 week program here


Summer Sweat Series 

6 weeks of nutritious eats and athletic training brought to you by Fit Foodie Finds and Ambitious Kitchen! These talented food blogger shared a teaser of this summer series 2 weeks ago and I have been way excited to see the food and fitness guides they developed. They partnered with a phenomenal endurance studio called Pelicano which is based in Minnesota. I had the opportunity to workout there a few times and my oh my, killerrrrrr workouts man! Pelicano coaches are the real deal so there is no doubt in my mind that the workouts for this program will be intense. Technically the series began yesterday as week 1 guides were shared however today is day 1 of the workouts so what are you waiting for?! Join the exclusive FaceBook group and get sweaty and eat healthy meals in this 6 week summer series. Oh and they are also giving away great prizes over the next few weeks so be sure to include #SummerSweatSeries in your photos on all of your social channels! 

Tone it Up's Summer Bikini Program 

If anyone knows how to have a blast while getting sweaty, it is without a doubt that it's K&K! These motivational fit besties have been training women all over the world for 5+ years so you bet they know a thing or two about health and fitness. Week 2 of the bikini program is underway. Click here to get started! 

You can also couple this with Karena and Katrina's recent book titles Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. This beautiful publication is packed with serious motivation, mantras, recipes and workouts to help you live your best life! I have the hard copy and it really is just chock-full of inspiration. Purchase yours here

I would love to hear what challenge(s) you decide to participate in. Let me know in the comments below!

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horchata protein shake

horchata protein shake

banana muffins + breakfast cobbler

banana muffins + breakfast cobbler