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wake me up oats

wake me up oats

A no cooking involved kind of breakfast right here folks! Equal parts oats to your choice of liquid and a few TBS of Greek yogurt. Shake it all up in a jar and lay it to rest overnight--there you have it, a glorious morning breakfast. I enjoy my oats cold right out of the jar but if warm oats are your thing, you can always microwave to heat these right up. 


There are so many variations of overnight oats you can make. Lemon-berry, strawberry-banana, vanilla-chai and the list can go on and on. Today I'm going to share with you my recently discovered favorite, wake me up oats. 

Every morning I purposefully brew a full pot of coffee. My first cup of the day serves as my pre-workout drink and gives me that push during morning training and then I typically have a second cup as I get ready for work. My guy also is a big coffee drinker so that leaves us with less than a half of a left over. No coffee gets left behind in this house! The extra is typically used for ice coffee, coffee iced cubes or my latest favorite using coffee as the liquid in my overnight oats. This idea came to me as I was making my weekly batch of overnight oats one day and realized I ran out of almond milk. Water is always an option but then I saw all of that left over coffee in my coffee pot and the rest is history--best oats ever! 

coffee overnight oats

Feel free to make a big batch of overnight oats in a large mason jar. If you typically eat about a 1/3 c of oats at a time, that batch will get you through a full week. I prefer making my oats in small mason jars which makes it easy to grab and go in the morning. The recipe below is for small mason jars.


1/2 cup of oats (rolled or instant. I've used both and didn't notice a difference in texture)

1/2 cup of room temp coffee or just enough to cover the oats

1/3 cup of cashew milk

2 TBS of plain Greek yogurt

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 heaping TBS You Fresh Naturals chocolate chip nut butter

A dash of cinnamon


Put the lid on and shake it all up. Let sit in the fridge over night and the following morning you will have overnight oats. This recipe will get you thick and creamy oats but if you prefer a runny texture, add more liquid and less Greek yogurt.

Topping ideas: cacao nibs, granola, walnuts or pecans, a spoonful of peanut butter or sliced banana.

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