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a week with class pass

a week with class pass

Shortly after mentioning Class Pass in a previous blog post, I received a special offer from Class Pass (CP) via email! For those who missed the v-day blog post, CP is a monthly membership to fitness classes in your city. There are hundreds, in come cities thousands of classes available to members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more. For $79 – $99 a month (price varies by city), members get unlimited classes to studios in the CP network. 

Class Pass is beginning to roll out quickly in major markets across the country. It's a super hot deal and in some areas there is a waiting list! I had been on the fence about signing up but when you receive a $10 trial offer via email you hope they have PayPal so you don't have to pull out your credit card to finish the transaction. That 7 day trial was motivation for me to check out as many studios as I could. 

Here's what my week looked like with CP.

Saturday - 8AM Hot Yoga at Modo Yoga Minneapolis followed by 10:30 AM Spin 60 at The Shed Fitness Studio.  It had been a few months since my last hot yoga class so I really struggled throughout this one. The humidity seemed very high as everyone in the class was drenched in their own sweat--it's to be expected in hot yoga but we all looked like we took a dip in the pool after the class was over. It felt really good to get bendy in that hot room! I was also gifted a reusable water bottle from the studio because I forgot to bring my own in that morning. I took an hour to recharge and fuel up for spin class an hour and a half later. Spin 60 was led by a fantastic instructor named Mike. He had so much energy and his passion for cycling was contagious. I would gladly pay to take his class again. 

Monday - 6:30PM Megaformer at Solid Core. This studio has been the talk of the town, when I say town I mean a few of my girlfriends. This 50 minute class is done on a megaformer and is unlike any workout I have ever experienced. Within 15 minutes of class my heart rate was through the roof, my legs were trembling to the point that I thought I may fall off the machine and I was dripping sweat. Phenomenal workout.

Wednesday - 6:30PM Pro Pilates at Pro Works Pilates. This was my very first Pilates class! I've heard so many great things about the workout and have been eager to try out this local studio. 50 minutes of slow burn on a reformer is challenging. I felt as though I did a lot of observing and trying to figure out how to use the equipment than I did sweating. As with all things you try for the first time that is to be expected. I am eager to return to the studio and give it another shot!

Thursday -  5:30AM cycle sculpt at Barre Bliss. The instructor was a no-show at this studio! I'm not sure if this class time was posted in error but I did reserve my space before hand and was stood up for a morning cycle sculpt class. I was bummed that I had woken up so early and drove 20 minutes for nothing. Then I did some quick thinking, checked out the CP schedule again and drove half a mile to The Shed Fitness Studio for the 5:45AM Spin 60 class. This was my second time visiting and again it was a killer cycle hour. Those disco lights and blaring music is exactly what I need to bring me alive before 6AM. 

There you have it, a full week with Class Pass! If you are one that gets bored at the gym or desires variety in your workouts then this is exactly the thing you've been missing. Visit the website to see if this is available in your area. If you are located in Minnesota, take advantage of the trial $10 seven day pass here


  • Variety of workouts - Class Pass makes it easy for you to try what's in! Yoga, Pilates, Cross Fit, Kick Boxing, Dance--the list may vary in your market but this is a great to way to switch up your workout routine without committing to one studio for a certain amount of time. 
  • Schedule - Due to the long list of partners Class Pass has, you will find a workout time that fits your schedule no problem. 
  • App - only available on IPhone. Although this Android girl wasn't able to take advantage of this I could see it being very useful! Your mobile internet browser will work just fine when you are on the go. 
  • Price - I prefer the $79 monthly fee but at $99 this is a very good deal! If you think about how pricey a month of Barre or Pilates can be (well over $120), at $99 this is still a good price point. 

Not so awesome

  • Your membership begins the day you sign up not the day you actually attend your first class. For this reason I missed 2 days of utilizing my pass. Most studios don't operate like this so I consider that a good to know!
  • Cancellation policy, if you don't cancel class within 24 hours before your scheduled class you will be charged a late fee of $20. 
  • Schedule - as mentioned above, there is a class time for everyone no matter if you are an early bird or a night owl. I would double check the fitness studio's website that you are attending prior to class to ensure they offer the class time listed on Class Pass. My run in with that 5:30AM no show instructor was a valuable lesson. 
  • Cancellation - If you don't plan to renew your pass immediately after your trial is over, you have 2 options. The first is to pay $19 monthly to put your pass on hold. This is ongoing until you renew your pass and you can take one class of your choice during this hold time. The second option is if you cancel your pass entirely and decide to reactivate your subscription there is a $79 fee. That's bogus. Hopefully they'll grow and be able to rid that part of the cancellation policy some day. 
  • Cancel your membership 72 hours before your pass expires. If not, you risk getting charged for a month which is $79-99 depending on the market you are in. 

What do you think about Class Pass? Would you try it?

With delight, 


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