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My 2015 race season

My 2015 race season

I was inspired by Eat Pray Run DC to blog about my year in racing. It's such a great idea to look back on the year and comb through experiences both good and not so good. 2015 brought so many great experiences and lessons--I am always grateful for the lessons, without them we don't grow.


2015 was a big year for me, personally, professionally, and physically. It is hands down one of my favorite years of living--I moved to the east coast, started a new job that I LOVE, hit a milestone birthday (the big 3-0) and am physically in the best shape of my life.

So here we go, my 2015 year in racing.

BEST RACE EXPERIENCE: There were several firsts for me this year so it's hard to choose. The Iron Girl Half Marathon was my best race experience indefinitely--it was my first real race. Running has never come easy to me, I fought it most of my life. Picking up the sport over the last year plus has been a rewarding challenge. After completing the summer Runner's World Run streak (41 days of running), running became special to me. It was and continues to be my time where I can let go, get out frustrations from the day, free my mind, push my limits, it's cathartic. Crossing that 13.1 finish line was huge for me, one of the best feelings ever.


BEST RUN: I had a late night training run on the treadmill during my half training. It was my longest run before my first half (a 10 miler) and I just felt weightless. My legs felt like they could go forever, my speed increased with each mile and I just felt strong. In that moment I felt like a runner.

BEST NEW PIECE OF GEAR: Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes. These shoes are life changing. They have improved the way I run and I will forever be a Brooks girl, nothing compares.


BEST ADVICE YOU RECEIVED THIS YEAR: "Excuses are excused. Don't be driven by what you can't do, don't believe in limits." -- Robin Arzon

MOST INSPIRATIONAL RACER: I know some incredible athletes both in real life and virtually that just have this tenacity and hunger to be their best self and health and fitness plays a large part in that journey. We're talking every day women who are wives, mothers, entrepreneurs who are super women and make their health and fitness a priority. That is just kick ass to me--you ladies inspire me greatly!

FAVE PICTURE FROM A RACE: Most definitely the post-swim image from the Mermaid Series Sprint Triathlon-my face says it all, I surprised myself by finishing the swim. Here you can see me catching my breath and mentally preparing for the bike and run. I'm also proud of my physique in this shot. I know I work hard but I see this body every day and at times it's hard to notice those changes.


RACE EXPERIENCE YOU WOULD REPEAT: The Mermaid Series Sprint Triathlon. It was by far the most challenging thing I've done. The swim was incredibly difficult in large part due to the fact that I didn't train hard enough and also open water (scary stuff man). This race is special because I was able to participate with some amazing women in my life! It was also moving to see my little sister cross the finish and give her a bear hug before she could even catch her breath.


SUM UP YOUR YEAR IN A FEW WORDS: Thrilling, exhilarating, and ready. Physically I was ready for these races but boy I had no idea of the emotional and life changing parts of it.  Racing has not only transformed my body but it has truly changed my life. I'm happier, more confident, and dare I say bold?!

2016 RACES (so far): In November I entered the NYC Tri lottery. This race is one of the most anticipated races in the country. The demand is so high that the city is not able to accommodate everyone that registers. For this reason participants are selected through a lottery. Without blinking an eye or looking at the distance, I entered. A week later I received the "You have been selected...." email that confirmed I had a spot in the NYC Tri 2016 race--holyyyyyyy! That still gets me amped when I say it, see it or write it. This will be an Olympic distance race-1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride and 6 mile run all in the epic city of New York. The race takes place in July which so happens to me by birthday month, how perfect is that? And I was recently offered a sponsorship for my tri training from a local gym. More details to come on that but I am seriously buzzin' that this company selected me as their quarterly athlete!

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