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reasons to use a fitness tracker + free printables

reasons to use a fitness tracker + free printables

I'm not talking digital fitness trackers like the Nike Fuel Band, NuBand or FitBit. I'm not knocking on them either as I am currently wearing the FitBit charge and I heart it, like a lot. I'm talking a printed fitness tracker that can be just as effective as those fancy gadgets that are available today. 

Here are a few of the reasons why I use a fitness tracker along with some fun printables you can download to get started on documenting your fitness journey. 

Goals: write them down! Your goals become real when you put them on paper. As you write them out your senses start to kick in--you can see them, smell them, taste them. They are within reach!

Daily workouts: write out the exercises you plan to do for the day. Include the muscle group you plan to target and the number of sets and reps you will perform. 

Feelings: I highly suggest writing down how you felt after each workout. Maybe you tried out a new machine and really liked it or hated it, lifted heaver, did an extra pull up etc. 

Meals: writing down what you eat allows you take a critical look at your food habits. It also keeps you accountable so be honest with yourself and write it all down. No one has to see this but you.

Noting all of these things will help you find a pattern in what you are doing and provides immediate feedback on how your choices are blocking or aiding in your success. A fitness tracker can also help you revise your plan. Each day brings new things and new perspective, change the plan if you need to. There is nothing wrong with breaking down large goals into smaller ones so they are more manageable. Be kind to yourself and make the adjustments you need to reach your goals. 

Feel free to use a basic notebook or whatever planner you already own to track your fitness. I personally appreciate pretty stationary and actually look forward to writing down my weekly plans on pretty paper. Target sells some seriously cute planners for less than $10. I'm currently using this one by Sugar Paper. I've also include a few of my free favorite printables available for you to download. You can print and bind them at a local printer or even laminate them and reuse each month. 

The Ultimate Fitness Tracker 

This tracker includes a measurements, workouts, meals, fitness challenges, and grocery shopping lists. There is even a cute motivational quote included that will fit perfectly into a frame. Oh and you have your choice of 3 different colors here--I love the teal and gold! 

Monthly Workout Tracker 

This tracker is much simpler than the tracker above. It is a calendar view type print out that doesn't leave much space for writing out detailed daily workouts. I do love the cute red and teal chevron design and also the beginning and end of month space to write down your progress in. 

My Fit Station Fitness Log 

I love that this tracker can be used by anyone whatever their fitness level may be. If you are training for a triathlon, 5K, or just looking to walk more then this is for you. The only drawback for me is that you have to print one page for everyday of the week but it does include a space for everything I mentioned in the start of this post--goals, workouts, feelings, etc. 

The Passion Planner

This printable is blank so you can start at any time of the month and simply fill in the date. I love that there is place for you to jot down your daily focus, good things that happened, and even small space for you to brainstorm. It also breaks out the day by time beginning at 6AM through 10PM. This planner really is one place for all of your thoughts. 

Which planner will you use? 

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