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DIY-- spa at home

DIY-- spa at home

There is nothing better than laying down in a fluffy bath robe while the esthetician rubs smell good lotions on your face as you listen to the sounds of the ocean. 

Let's recreate that same spa experience at home by using natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. While I do think getting a professional facial is a good investment, it doesn't always fit into the monthly budget. Plus going the DIY route is the best of both worlds, you still get that spa like treatment in the comfort of your home and you don't have to pay someone to do it.

Slip into your comfies, pour your self a glass of cucumber water and press play here to begin your spa experience. 

 Ingredients you need to create a spa experience at home. 

Ingredients you need to create a spa experience at home. 

Step 1: remove your make-up 

Coconut oil as eye make up remover- take a dime size amount of coconut oil and warm it by rubbing your hands together. Next gently apply the oil over your eye lids, giving extra care to your eye lashes and brows. Take a cotton ball and wipe the coconut oil off with care. Take a damp wash cloth and wipe off any excess.

**Coconut oil is very nourishing for your lashes and eye brows as it promotes hair growth and prevents hair breakage. 

Step 2: wash your face

Raw honey as face wash - take a teaspoon of raw (unpasteurized) honey and warm it with your fingers. if you prefer a thinner texture face wash, add a few drops of water to thin it out. Next rub the mixture evenly all over your face--this is one face wash that you wouldn't be upset if a bit fell into your mouth! Wait a few minutes so the honey can penetrate into the skin and finally rinse with warm water and a wash cloth. 

**Honey gently removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of it's natural oils. It is also a natural antibacterial that has probiotics which aids in preventing break outs. 

Step 3: steam your face to open pores

Take a wash cloth and wet it thoroughly under the sink on the hottest setting. Next ring it out quickly and place the wash cloth on your face to capture that steam! The warmth should last for at least 2 minutes. Repeat 3-4 times. 

**Add a few drops of lavender essential oil (EO) to the wet cloth for added relaxation. 

Step 4: remove those black heads

Black head remover- we're making our own pore strips here with just 3 ingredients. In a small bowl add 1 whisked egg white and a squeeze of lemon, mix well. Apply this with a make up brush then apply tissue paper on top of the area. Next you'll apply one last coat of the mix on top of the tissue. Let sit until dry and peel off the strip along with those grodie black heads! 

Step 5: toner

Apply cider vinegar as toner - ACV isn't the best smelling liquid but it is fantastic for your skin! Take a teaspoon of equal parts ACV to water, add to a spray bottle and spritz on your face directly. Add a bit more on a cotton ball and run your face gently. Toner helps remove any excess makeup or product we may have missed. 

**ACV is basically fermented apples. Apples contain a long list of nutrients that are great for your skin. This also balances ph of the skin and breaks up the bond between dead skin cells. 

Step 6: moisturize

Coconut oil as moisturizer - finally add coconut oil and a drop of your favorite essential oil to that fresh face and rub in.

**I don't recommend applying coconut oil to your face every night as it will clog your pores over time. At least that was my experience :(

Step 7: treat those blemishes

Lavender EO to treat blemishes - if you have any break outs on your face treat them by applying lavender EO directly to the area--no need to dilute. This is my absolute favorite way to use lavender. I haven't found a better product to diminish blemishes over night better than this stuff. It's like magic, you'll see!   

Finish your relaxing evening by discarding old make up and washing those make up brushes. It's so important to do this regularly! You'd be surprised at how much bacteria can get trapped in those things and often times your brushes may be the culprit behind break outs. 

 Eco tools-quality brushes at a great price. Available at your local drug store. 

Eco tools-quality brushes at a great price. Available at your local drug store. 

Wash your make up brushes using raw honey--remember it is a natural antiseptic which is perfect for cleaning your brushes. Use the same steps as listed above for the face (step 2) keeping the mix on the thinner side. Rub your brushes in the mixture and rinse. Do this step again only this time run your brushes over a clean wash cloth over and over until all of the gunk is rinsed away. Let dry overnight! 

I'd love to hear about your all natural spa experience. Was it as relaxing as you thought it would be?

With delight, 


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banana hazelnut chip soft serve

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