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wholefoods hack: garlicky kale salad

wholefoods hack: garlicky kale salad

Tell me you've enjoyed the ever so delicious garlicky kale salad from Whole Foods?! It's loaded with garlic and lemon and is basically the best kale salad that ever lived. For all you folks who won't give kale the time of day, I've nailed the recipe so even you will enjoy this one. 

garlicky kale salad

Before we jump into the recipe, I wanted to give you the low down on kale and its nutritional value. For starters, kale is basically the trendiest veggie ever. Have you ever heard of a veggie talked about in the media so much? There's even a Kale university, check out that sweater shirt below! So there you have it, kale to the yes. Kidding. 

Nutrition breakdown: 1 cup of raw kale has just 33 calories, 3g of protein, nearly 2.5g of fiber, is loaded with vitamins, A, C, K and has folate which is a B vitamin that is key for brain development. Hello super-food, get in my belly!

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1/2 bag chopped Kale
5 cloves chopped garlic
1/2 lemon juice
2TBS liquid aminos or soy sauce
1TBS tahini
Lots of pepper and a dash of cayenne            

Method: In a small bowl mix all dressing ingredients together, pour over chopped kale. Let sit for an hour before serving. This tastes best when marinated overnight and not to worry about this getting soggy, kale is in the cabbage family so that won't happen for a few days. Double the ingredients for a larger serving size. 

Hope this recipe leaves you saying "oh kale yes" like it did for me. 

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